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Volunteer & Spread the Word

What can you do to raise funds?

Through your school, club, or Church
Act Locally
Sell Snowmen Marshmallows
Sell Christmas Cards
Sell Cake
Create Something
Donate for a specific purpose

some real examples what amazing people have done!

We have people who create one-off events, for example:

  • a dinner dance evening,

  • a cake sale in Holland,

  • filling a piggy bank with spare change.


We had one student in the Middle East write a small book about the school, "Prayer flags for Pokhara", which she printed at her own costs and the proceeds all went to the charity.

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About the Trust

A small UK registered charity with international friends. It has a simple ethos: all donations go to the school..

About the School
school trip 2.jpg

A purpose built boarding school on the outskirts of Pokhara, Nepal, with enough beds for 150 children aged 4-16. We also have kids in college and university! They grow up quickly!


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