How you can help

Funding the school

The school is majority funded with money from sponsors, and partly with money from a shop selling Tibetan jewellery and curios, which is run by Yeshi’s family. The monthly expenditure, by is £14 per child, per month. This covers food, salaries, house rent, medical care, clothing etc.

To date we have been able to keep the school going with the income from regular donations from a small group of loyal sponsors, fund raising events and the income from the sale of jewellery. Gradually we have managed to find more people to support the school, thus the school has been able to grow in size to its current number of 120 children.

We would like to be able to feed the children more protein and fruit but these are very expensive in Nepal. Therefore we are looking for more sponsors who can regularly donate and keep the school running.

You can donate at and you can choose monthly donation. If you are a UK tax payer we also get the 25% extra tax back on your donation !

2012 – We have a school and now the kids would like a playground

The landlord of the previous school sold it and we were forced to leave at the end of December 2008. We looked for an alternative building but only a very small one could be found.

Pokhara is densely populated and land is at a premium as it’s sandwiched between mountains and a lake. Our only option, if we didn’t want the school to close permanently, was to build a new school. This also gave the added benefit of being able to build ‘fit for purpose’ and give the ability to support more desperately needy children.

We worked very hard for 4 years and raised enough money to buy land and build a new school. However, at the time we couldn’t afford to buy enough land and the children have to play in their bedrooms or classrooms. The new school is surrounded by farmland and the kids can’t tresspass so they really need somewhere they can get some exercise, play and even hold classes outside such as science and nature.

We need to raise £23,000, and we need your help, so please make a donation.