Buy a Brick – Leave a legacy

do you want to help us building a school?

  • buy someone a gift certificate for Christmas
  • £20 buys us 40 concrete bricks, £50 buys us 100 bricks
  • leave your details and we will send you a gift certificate that doubles up as a christmas card
  • donate here using justgiving

interested? read more below, or click that link!

An alternative gift for Christmas

It is now nearly Christmas, and we have heard from lots of people that they would prefer to buy their friends and beloved ones an alternative present with a deeper meaning.

So….How about Buy a Brick- Leave a Legacy“?

How many should you donate?

We will need thousands of bricks to build the school, and you can buy them in any size batch!

The cost of one concrete brick plus labour costs = £0.50

Whether you are a young person, who wishes to donate their pocket money to buy a few, or you want to wish to buy enough for a wall or single class-room or an entire floor, that is entirely up to you!

How do you donate? please use just-giving

To support our campaign, please use this just-giving link.

If you are a British tax-payer, we will get automatically 23p extra for every pound you donate. We will convert your donation into the equivalent number of bricks.

For Example:

  • £25 = 61 bricks, instead of 50
  • £50 = 123 bricks, instead of 100

So that is quite a few bricks extra!

Every pound you donate will go straight to the building project of The Nagajuna School.

A Certificate-Christmas card

As a thank you, we will send you a certificate to acknowledge your support. The certificate is in the shape of a Christmas card, so you can also present this to another person (please ensure we have your contact details)! after Christmas the appeal will continue, but we will change the message inside the card!