Russell House has raised £1,000 for our Appeal

May 5th, 2015 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

We got today a fantastic tweet!

Russell House, an independent co-educational Day Preparatory School for children aged 2-11, based in Otford, Kent, has raised £1,000 with their Clothes day!

Read all about it here:

“Teshi Delek” to all the children, teachers and their parents!

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Our volunteer John is in the Leicester Mercury

May 5th, 2015 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

Last Friday a very kind journalist from the Leicester Mercury rang to do an interview about the school, which was published on Saturday on Page 5!

You can read the full article  here: Wigston man helps with relief effort

The main challenge is the intermediate future as fuel is rationed and food prices have doubled.

Any help you can give, do let us know, our appeal is still going strong!

Jonathan in the Leicester Mercury

Jonathan in the Leicester Mercury

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Earthquake Appeal Flyer – please download and share

April 28th, 2015 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

This is an updated flyer. please download here: Nagajuna Trust flyer Earthquake Appeal English 28 April 2015

You can print out just the first page for sharing, the second page has background information for the charity.

update: 28/04/15. Updated with latest photos from last night. The kids remain outside in makeshift shelters for the third night running. Some people have diarrhoea.


Donations to: Justgiving Nagajuna Earthquake Appeal


the children are sleeping in makeshift tent and the bus for the third night

All the children asleep  in makeshift tent  for third night

Some kids are sleeping in the bus

nagajuna 3rd night outside 3

Yeshi keeping a watchful eye over his children.

nagajuna 3rd night outside 4

Early morning. The kids still asleep. Another night survived.












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An Appeal to Aid the School after the Earthquake

April 27th, 2015 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh


Dear Sponsors and wellwishers,

As you will have read and seen in the news there is a major disaster taking place in Nepal.
We thank all those whom have contacted us with offers of financial support.

We have just heard from Nepal that they are all ok.

The school building has suffered minor cracks and the photovoltaic system we installed is severely damaged.

They are worried about aftershocks and spent the night on the veranda as there were thunderstorms. There was a big aftershock (6.9) a short while ago, there have been at least 90 aftershocks.

The surrounding area and infrastructure is badly damaged, particularly the roads and Pokhara airport.

The school has supplies for the immediate term and they have fuel for the generator to pump clean water.
However, in the medium term they will be affected by the economic situation, fuel and fresh food will likely be short.
We also think we have a problem with our bus, which was in central Pokhara in the garage at the time of the quake, in an area of tall buildings.
We rely on the bus to get the older kids to high school in town (25 km away).

The overall situation will now doubt become clearer over the next week and we have asked them to let me know what help we can offer.

We are thinking that we will need to seek additional funds because the prices for daily living (food, medicines) have already hiked as people try to stock pile.
We also need funds to replace the damaged electrical systems (batteries, solar panels and inverter) so the school can have limited functionality and maintain its relative independence from the already strained electricity supplies in the country.

We can divert some of the money that we have set aside for other purposes but we don’t have that much contingency.
We’ve set up a Justgiving page for anyone you know who might want to help. Here is the link:

Updates are coming regularly through Facebook group (search for nagajuna) but we will try to keep you posted when we know more.

On behalf of the Trust,


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Nagajuna Trust Newsletter April – November 2013

December 10th, 2013 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

It has been a while since we last issued a newsletter, so this one is full of lots of updates. We have had schools visiting the school, people visiting the school. the fundraising is still going at an amazing pace, enabling us to create a secure and increasingly sustainable future. Thanks to all whom are helping with this project! enjoy reading the news letter and let us know if you can think of anything that can help creating a sustainable future. click here to open: Nagajuna Newsletter November 2013

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Nagajuna Trust Newsletter March 2013

March 8th, 2013 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

Please find attached the newsletter for the Nagajuna Trust for March 2013. Please click on the link

Newsletter March 2013


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Frans and Marleen spreading the good news in Limburg!

November 27th, 2012 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

Frans and Marleen have now held 3 exhibitions in three local libraries. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with some wonderful donations from local well-wishers. Frans and Marleen spent a lot of time and effort getting a beautiful exhibition together, and we will post photos shortly. Here is an article that was published in a local regional newspaper.

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April 2012 Newsletter

April 30th, 2012 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

Dear Sponsors, please find below the April Newsletter.

There is lots of progress with the school, the children are working hard, and a few nice poems at the end.  You can also follow us on Facebook.

Click here to open: Newsletter April 2012

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