About the Trust

In 2004 a group from the UK set up The Nagajuna Trust, which aims to raise money to support the school. Now a UK registered charity, number 1107878, The Nagajuna Trust allows funds to be collected in the UK and sent to Nepal. The trust has a small number of members supported by people who make either a regular contribution, or do sponsored events.

A key principle of the trust is that all money collected reaches the children of the Nagajuna School. The only expenditure that the trust has is for the quarterly international bank transfer, all other costs are met by the members of the trust.

All expenditure by the school is audited and reviewed regular so we sure that all money is spend appropriately.

The members of the trust live across the UK and meets on a regular basis in person or using teleconference.

Sponsors are kept updated with newsletters, and now, of course, with this website!