Earthquake Appeal Flyer – please download and share

April 28th, 2015 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

This is an updated flyer. please download here: Nagajuna Trust flyer Earthquake Appeal English 28 April 2015

You can print out just the first page for sharing, the second page has background information for the charity.

update: 28/04/15. Updated with latest photos from last night. The kids remain outside in makeshift shelters for the third night running. Some people have diarrhoea.


Donations to: Justgiving Nagajuna Earthquake Appeal


the children are sleeping in makeshift tent and the bus for the third night

All the children asleep  in makeshift tent  for third night

Some kids are sleeping in the bus

nagajuna 3rd night outside 3

Yeshi keeping a watchful eye over his children.

nagajuna 3rd night outside 4

Early morning. The kids still asleep. Another night survived.













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