We did it! 127 miles, 43 locks, 4 days, 3 people, 2 canoes!

December 31st, 2011 by Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh

It was a very hard slog, but we did it!

Day 1

We started early Friday morning from Reading, where we collected the single canoe from Thames Canoe Hire . Dennis brought the double, which had been modified with a DIY rudder. Then it was a 60 mile drive to the start just down stream from Cricklade bridge. Sam and Rebecca in the double and Dennis in the single. It was hard keeping up with the ladies! The weather was mild, and dry, with a slight breeze. As there had been no rain for a long time, there was no flow on the water. Thus we could not add this into our calculations to get faster to our first stopping point.

We got our feet wet launching the canoes, and I am pleased to say, that was the only part of our bodies that got wet. No one fell in! because we did not start till 9:30, we had lunch around 15:00. Which meant we arrived quite late in Oxford. We finished around 21:30 at Oxford. It was a very long and hard day. Sam’s husband awaited us at a pub with some warm vegetarian meals which were very welcome as it was cooling down rapidly.

Day 2

The day started with some modifications to the rudder, which had bent slightly. Fortunately I had all the right bits and bobs with me, but it meant again a later start than planned.

Day 3


Day 4

The final day! It was around 6pm that we finally crossed the finish at Teddington lock. We were very tired, but very happy.


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