The Nagajuna Challenge: Help us to build a new school


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25 April 2015 – The earthquake 2015 – an Appeal

There is a major disaster taking place in Nepal. Our school in Pokhara has 120 children in full-time care, aged 4-16. There were no injuries. The school building has suffered minor cracks, the photovoltaic system and solar hot water are severely damaged. They are worried about aftershocks and spent the last few nights out in the open in makeshift shelters. There are thunderstorms and the monsoon season is not far off. There continue to be big aftershocks, rendering it unsafe to re-enter the building.

The challenge in the coming months

The school has supplies for the immediate term and fuel for the generator to pump clean water. However, the surrounding area and infrastructure are badly damaged. In the medium term they will be affected by the economic situation, fuel and fresh food will likely be short. The monsoon season is nearing.

Immediate emergency funding required

We are seeking additional funds because the prices for daily living (food, medicines) have already hiked as people try to stock pile. We also need funds to replace the damaged electrical systems (batteries, solar panels and inverter) so the school can have limited functionality and maintain its relative independence from the already strained electricity supplies in the country.

Would you like to know more, we gladly share our experience

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And finally … A simply prayer

We pray almighty to restore peace, brotherhood and non-violence on the planet where we live.

May God bless all of you with good health, happiness and prosperity throughout your life.


nagajuna daytime outside 2

kids staying outside, whilst it is still dry

nagajuna daytime outside 1

staying safe together

nagajuna 3rd night outside 3

Yeshi guarding the children whilst they sleep

the children are sleeping in makeshift tent and the bus for the third night

the children are sleeping in makeshift tent and the bus for the third night











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